Ted Terry — The Mayor of the Most Diverse Square Mile in America
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I rarely watch TV but I definitely make time for Queer Eye. Season 2 came out this summer and I was first introduced to my guest today in the season 2 finale called Make Ted Great Again. The Fab 5 were tasked with helping the Mayor of Clarkston GA…well, look more the part of a Mayor. It was a deeply impactful episode as we got a peek into how diverse, accepting, and unified Clarkston, GA is. Mayor Ted is currently serving his second term as the Mayor of Clarkston, GA. I’ll be completely honest, y’all. When I think of progressive, diverse, a place where refugees and immigrants are celebrated and accepted, my mind doesn’t immediately go to most places in the South. But this small city of 13,000 people just outside of Atlanta is trying to change the way you and I think about the South. Clarkston boasts “the most diverse square mile in America” where 50% of its residents are foreign-born having moved there from over 50 countries across 6 continents. Amazing, right? In our chat, we talk tolerance, the South,…