Tiago Forte: Designing a Better Life
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On this episode, I welcome Tiago Forte whose ideas have transformed my worldview and particularly, how I approach my work and define productivity. He believes that the goals of companies and their employees are fundamentally aligned around human-centered productivity. This belief guides his work as the founder of Forte Labs, creator of the Productive by Design™ methodology, and editor of the Praxis online publication. Tiago draws on his background in design and technology to help knowledge workers apply design thinking to day-to-day productivity challenges. “Designers are practical philosophers. When you go deep into design, you go really deep! You’re talking about what is the nature of reality? What is the nature of what it means to be human? What does it mean for a tool to have a use? This goes back to the most philosophical and ancient questions that we have and at the same time the philosophy of design is totally practical. The deepest philosophy can be (and should be) expressed in the design of a door…