70: No Drones in the Park
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Drones and robots are or soon will be watching you, driving you, delivering to you, and maybe even trying to kill you. They’re loud, nosy, deadly, useful, safe, and dangerous. There are many different kinds of them and many different kinds of us. What should we do when, say, a man shoots a camera-bearing drone out of the sky above his property? Or when a creditor remotely shuts down your car when you’re behind on your payments but, unfortunately, while you’re on the highway? For some answers and more questions, we chat with delightfully deep-thinking Frank Pasquale. This show’s links: Frank Pasquale’s faculty profile and writing Frank Pasquale, The Black Box Society Oral Argument 41: Sense-Think-Act (guest Ryan Calo) Robot or Not?, a podcast of one to two-minute episodes Jeff John Roberts, Man Arrested for Shooting $1,800 Drone Won’t Apologize, Cites Privacy DJI, drone purveyor, which company’s name Christian managed to mangle, Joe-style Michael Froomkin and Zak Colangelo, Self-Defense Against Robots and…