141: The Picard Meltdown Principle
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Leah Litman joins us to discuss the problematic argument that a law’s novelty is a reason to believe it is unconstitutional. In particular, she focuses on arguments that statutes that affect the separation of powers or the federalism balance are suspect if they are somehow unprecedented. Also, brief updates on: a wasp, Joe’s living situation, Christian’s health, Leah’s bee-related flight delay. This show’s links: Leah Litman’s faculty profile and writing Leah Litman, Debunking Antinovelty First Mondays United States v. Windsor; Romer v. Evans Printz v. United States; Free Enterprise Fund v. PCAOB; NFIB v. Sibelius (Obamacare I) Cass Sunstein, Incompletely Theorized Agreements PHH Corp. v. Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Karl Llewellyn, The Bramble Bush: On Our Law and Its Study Special Guest: Leah Litman.