7: Martini
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February 15, 2016
In this episode Lance and Jake tackle the most classic of classics, the Martini. And yes, it's made with gin.Martini on WikipediaPicholine olives on WikipediaThe Botanist ginDolin vermouthIronface ginMonkey 42 ginThe Thin Man on WikipediaGrey Goose vodkaKetel One: Best Selling Vodka of 2015Bombay Sapphire gin on WikipediaAnchor Genevieve genever-style ginBols geneverJenever on Wikipedia (NOTE: Pronunciation audio!)Whitechapel Gin Bar in San FranciscoSmuggler's Cove in San FranciscoThe history of the Singapore SlingSingapore Sling on WikipediaTenderloin, San Francisco on WikipediaSapphire doesn't glow under blacklight, tonic does!Corbin sweet potato ginSt. George Terroir ginCursing is therapeuticEnigma Escape Rooms in BoulderBryan Dayton in GQ (not on the cover)OAK at Fourteenth in BoulderA rainbow of Dealer's Choice at OAKRusty Blade Gin at K&L WineBoulder ChopHouse in BoulderLeopold Jigger at Cocktail KingdomUsagi Cobbler Shaker at Cocktail KingdomCocktail Kingdom Reserve Stepped JiggerThe Martini: An…