Deep Learning—A Powerful Tool, with a Name that Means Nothing
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Tesla isn’t the only car brand in the world producing or aiming to produce self-driving cars. Every single car brand is working on developing self-driving cars. But what does this mean for our future? We talk about this and other interesting deep learning projects and history with Ran Levi, science and technology observer and podcaster, who explains in thought-provoking ways what we have to look forward to. Below is a partial transcript. For the full interview, listen to the podcast episode by selecting the Play button above or by selecting this link, or you can also listen to the podcast through Apple Podcasts, Google Play, Stitcher, and Overcast. Ran Levi: “I actually had the pleasure of being invited to Google’s Mountain View headquarters, and they took me for a drive in one of their autonomous vehicles, and it was, to tell you about that drive because it was boring—boring in a good way. Nothing happened! We were just driving around. The car was driving itself all around Mountain View. And it worked. “The…