When Song Lyrics and British Lit Meet Tidy Text
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When Julia Silge’s personal interests meet her professional proficiencies, she discovers new meaning in Jane Austen’s literature, and she gauges the cultural influence of locations in pop songs. Even more impressive than these finds, though, is that she and her collaborator, Dave Robinson, have developed some new, efficient ways to mine text data. Check out the book they’ve written called Tidy Text Mining with R. Below is a partial transcript. For the full interview, listen to the podcast episode by selecting the Play button above or by selecting this link, or you can also listen to the podcast through Apple Podcasts, Google Play, Stitcher, and Overcast. Transcript Julia Silge: “One that I worked on that was really fun was about song lyrics. The last 50 years or so of pop songs, we have all these lyrics, so all this text data, and I wanted to ask the question, what places are mentioned more or less often in these pop songs.” Ginette: “I’m Ginette.” Curtis: “And I’m Curtis.” Ginette: “And you are listening to…