How Many Slaves Work for You?
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If someone came up to you and randomly asked you, “How many slaves work for you?” maybe you’d think, “Slavery ended a long time ago, Bro.” Or maybe you would take the question seriously. With 20 million to 46 million people enslaved in the world, it is a serious question, and while we don’t see it daily, some of these enslaved people make things for us. Even if we’re judicious about what we buy, we would be surprised just how much global slavery goes into producing the goods we do buy. But how can we quantify it? How can we solve this? Justin Dillon, who has worked with the U.S. State Department and hundreds of businesses, thinks he has the answer. Transcript: Ginette: “Our world today is an extremely vast, complicated, and interconnected web of 7.5 billion people. We’re directly connected to some, and it’s really easy to see those connections on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn. But there’s a whole other group of people we are much more subtly connected to—people who are basically (who are essentially…