22: An Enquiry Concerning Slurs and Offensiveness
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In what might very well be the last episode before we’re pulled off the air, Tamler outlines his data-free “theory” of what makes something offensive. What makes a joke about race, ethnicity, gender, disability funny sometimes, and deeply hurtful at other times? What makes Louis CK so goddamn funny and Andrew Dice Clay just…an asshole? Is Family Guy racist? Throughout the episode, David defends the victims of hatred and is a voice of empathy and reason, while Tamler drops the c-word multiple times, jumps to racist conclusions, and makes fun of David’s partial Arab heritage. LinksLouis CK and his friends discuss the word f@**%tWikipedia on F**** and C*** [wikipedia.org]Bill Burr on the c-word [youtube.com]Andy Ihnatko’s podcast on 5by5.tv, where he discusses why Family Guy is not funnyThe Troubling Viral Trend of the “Hilarious” Black Neighbor by Aisha Harris [slate.com] Support Very Bad Wizards