66: Übermensch at Work
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Special guest Yoel Inbar (author of Hitchcock’s Women: From Margaret Sullivan to Tippi Hedren) joins us to talk about Hitchcock’s long take masterpiece/gimmick Rope. Based loosely on the case of Leopold and Loeb, Rope tells the story of two young men who have read Nietzsche and decide to murder a schoolmate in order to cement their Übermensch status. Did they read Nietzsche correctly? Is conventional morality nothing but a construct to keep the inferior masses in line? Are professors accountable for what they teach? (Please God, no.) Plus, we delve deeper into Julie and Mark’s motivation, and Yoel plays a round of “Does the government deem this trademark scandalous?” LinksYoel Inbar [yoelinbar.net]Very Bad Wizards Episode 22: An Enquiry Concerning Slurs and Offensiveness [verybadwizards.com]Rope [IMDB.com]Leopold and Loeb [wikipedia.org]Leopold and Loeb's Criminal Minds (Smithsonian Magazine)The Leopold and Loeb Trial Page (UMKC Law)Paul Gauguin [wikipedia.org]The Moon and Sixpence by W. Somerset Maugham…