43: RESET 43 - Amazon, Ring, SmartThings, Surface Pro LTE, Mining Crypto
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I do a Patreon givaway at the top of the show! What fun, if you are a Patreon subscriber you better listen! If not, head over to: http://patreon.com/davidmccabe and get signed up. I have a ton more to give away. I have some Ring.com gear and I have a question for you. Let's talk about this Amazon thing. Also, SmartThings. Don't I say every episode that I'm almost done with ST? Yes, I do! More of that and a Kickstarter that has been delayed. Surface has a new device and I'll go over what it was like to be a Surface MVP as well as my current role as a Windows Insider MVP. Fun Stuff. At the end I have a HUGE surprise for all of you that listen to the crypto portion of the podcast. Cool story and I'll talk about a few coins, investments, and what to do in this down market. This is the new Android SmartThings App - https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.samsung.android.oneconnect&hl=en The blog post for that here - https://blog.smartthings.com/news/smartthings-updates/the-new-smartthings-app-is-here/…