29: Drone rules in Canada and Uber’s self-driving issues
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While Riley is away, Marc and Dan go over the new recreational drone regulations in Canada, including weight, height restrictions, and proximity to people/buildings/animals; Uber's self-driving cars aren't as autonomous as we assumed, they said goodbye to their president, and they might be coming to Manitoba; Super Mario Run is coming to Android on March 23; Google Home isn't as good as we'd hoped it would be. Speed round: -Netflix is changing the star rating to a thumbs-up/down; -Netflix is launching a button for skipping opening credits; -Spotify may restrict major album releases to paying customers only; -A guy built a home automation system based on the Ocarina from Zelda. Recommendations Marc— TypeShift Dan— NOT Egg, IncLinks:New rules for flying recreational drones in Canada revealed | CBC NewsReport: Uber’s autonomous cars drove 20,354 miles and had to be taken over at every mile | Recode — Some of Uber’s self-driving cars aren’t driving as smoothly as the company hoped they would. Uber President Jeff…