19: Best of CES and the worst of Marc’s Xbox
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This week we talk about Marc's regrettable Xbox One experience; Riley's Philips Hue advice; and a whole bunch of CES stuff, including Alexa in everything, fancy new haptic feedback, crazy thin televisions, an out-of-the-box racing drone, and rumours about the new BlackBerry. Recommendations Riley —Threes Marc — Arrow.io on Google PlayArrow.io on the App Store Dan — Backblaze (You get one free month with this link.)Links:Lenovo's Alexa speaker looks better than the Echo (and might sound better, too)Amazon Go Is About Way More Than GroceriesLG's new tv is scary thinHere's what the next BlackBerry looks like (probably)This drone goes 100 mph out of the boxTV Anchor says "Alexa, order me a dollhouse" on airSpeed Round: HTC Vive Motion TrackerSpeed Round: turn any computer into a touchscreenSpeed Round: connected hairbrush (seriously)Speed Round: smart garbage cans are also a thing (seriously)Speed Round: Razer's 3-screen laotopSpeed Round: Turn any LEGO set into a robot