33: Murders on Facebook and texting and driving
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On this week's episode: HP's horrendous customer service after a man in Montreal reported being hacked; Instagram stories are now beating Snapchat for number of daily active users; the now-infamous murder uploaded to Facebook — what it means for the platform, how they handled it, and what can be done; pretty much everyone is texting and driving, even though it's really bad for you. Speed round: -Ecobee 4 might have Alexa — even in Canada! -Nintendo discontinued the NES Classic -Facebook's F8 conference is this week -A guy stole 100 phones at Coachella and got caught with Find My iPhone -Princeton researchers might have killed the online ad forever -Steam is getting a competitor Recommendations Marc — Leafly Riley — Meet Henry Orenstein, the Man who Changed How the World Plays Dan — Blackbox - iOS Puzzle GameLinks:Montreal man gives HP failing grade after data breach | CBC News — It’s not clear how many HP customers were affected, what data was leaked or how it happened.Instagram Stories is now more popular…