71: Amazon’s new store and STEM for kids
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Dan's back! In this week's show we talk about new arrivals to CraveTV, funding for STEM and coding in schools, the new Amazon Go grocery store, and a picture-centric encrypted messaging app in alpha. Speed round: -Intel: be careful even when you're updating -Drunk driver assumes Tesla autopilot is literal pilot -Tim Cook's visit to a Toronto Apple Store is the first Apple CEO visit since the late '80s -BMW charges monthly for CarPlay -The Nintendo Switch is the fastest selling game console of all time in Canada and the US -Android 8.1 will now show you how fast a public WiFi network is -iTunes accidentally released Thor: Ragnarok a month earlyLinks:Game of Thrones and Silicon Valley are coming to CraveTV | MobilesyrupLiberals spending $50M to teach K-12 students and their teachers coding | CBC NewsAmazon's 1st high-tech grocery store opens to the public | CBC NewsAmazon Go Photos: Here’s what the new cashier-less convenience store looks like | RecodeAmazon Go debuts, and its prying cameras foil our…