53: The Canadian kid taking on big cellular companies
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September 5, 2017
On this week's episode, we talk about the 17-year-old Canadian who's crowdfunding a mid-range Android phone; Andy Rubin's rookie mistake with the Essential phone; Canada's government body for handling telecom/television complaints; open-sourcing government projects in Canada; and the death of Juicero. Speed round: -the NYPD has to replace 36,000 Windows phones -the RCMP is using Outlook instead of a custom email system because Bell is the worst -The Ontario government really wants to give people smart thermostats -Google Assistant now comes in fridgesLinks:Ottawa teen's low-cost smartphone to take on Apple, Samsung | CBC NewsWhy the CRTC's new television code matters for telecom customers | MobilesyrupEssential may have accidentally shared customers’ driver’s licenses | The VergeAndy Rubin apologizes for Essential’s ‘humiliating’ customer data leak | The VergeCanada's Experiment in Open Government Taps into Big Data, Digital Youth | WhatsYourTechJuicero shuts down businesses, offers refunds for its $400…