27: The Switch, the CIA, and Uber (again)
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In this week's episode: the Nintendo Switch is having some issues—but still succeeding; WikiLeaks released a massive bombshell about the CIA's surveillance abilities (and we argue about it, of course); Uber adds yet another item to their list of 2017 PR disasters (and as of now we officially don't support them). Speed round: -Uber is coming to BC; -Scotiabank has an iMessage extension for Interac e-transfers; -RBC will let you do an e-transfer with Siri; -Snap Inc's company was valued at ~$30 billion after its IPO — and stock has dropped 22% already; -Tinder has a secret invite-only layer for the rich and beautiful. Recommendations Dan — Egg, Inc. by Auxbrain Android | iOS Riley — The Thin Man by Dashiell Hammett Marc — Island Delta Marc's review | Android | iOSLinks:Nintendo responds to Switch Joy-con controller connectivity issues | Mobilesyrup — Nintendo Switch’s left Joy-con repeatedly disconnected and lost its Bluetooth signal with the console.Nintendo says dead pixels on the Switch's tablet are…