How to develop a variant, interview with Captainmeme & Rat Wars
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September 6, 2017
The guys discuss how to develop a variant, introduce the new segment: online Diplomacy pet peeves and talk NMR’s, interview Captainmeme: a player across vDip, webDip and PlayDip and talk about the Rat Wars variant. Phew! What a bumper episode! Intro The guys go ga-ga over the classiness of the speak-easy bar they’re recording in today: Saville Row. Amby is in ecstasy with his glass of wine as they discuss it’s a year since our first episode (15 secs) How do you develop a variant? Kaner starts discussing recent questions in the forums from MichaelB and Vauban about how do you create a Diplomacy variant (4 mins 15 secs) MichaleB is looking at creating a global World War 2 variant. Kaner discusses at the time of recording he wasn’t sure about starting positions and as a result getting the right balance vs historical accuracy (5 mins 30 secs) Amby suggests the timeline of WW2 in best achieving historical accuracy and player balance would be around the time of maximum extent of the Axis powers, or just before it.…