1 vs 1 (Part 2), directions for Diplomacy sites & “Africa” variant
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The guys pick up discussion on 1 vs 1 games following last episode’s technical difficulties and look at the Cold War and Duo games they’re playing against each other. Then its an unexpected journey down the rabbit hole of recent events at webDiplomacy before discussing how Diplomacy sites could better structure themselves for longevity. Then Kaner talks about his recent “Africa” variant game. Enjoy! Amby does a mea culpa on why last episode had so many technical difficulties (2 mins) 1 vs 1 variants - part 2 The guys discuss how they’ve been playing against each other in two 1v1 games: Cold War and Duo. In the Cold War game Amby as the USSR convincingly beat Amby as the USA (3 mins 30 secs) Kaner discusses the battlefronts for the Panama Canal, Europe and around Australia and Indonesia. Amby reminds Kaner how its important to familiarise yourself with each variants special rules (4 mins) In Cold War there are in fact land bridges between Australia-Indonesia and Indonesia-Philippines (5 mins) Kaner discusses…