No More Shoeboxes! Complete Guide to Receipt Management
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It’s the time of year where I just get MAD at one thing in my life: receipts. They just suck - they’re crinkly, they pile up, but theoretically you need to save them for tax purposes for 7 years. And theoretically “scan receipts” is a thing you can do, but what if you just end up with pictures of hundreds of receipts on your phone? So I used EVERY SINGLE receipt scanning app to find out which one is best for you. Enjoy.Things we discuss on this show- When you need to save receipts and when you can throw them away- The quick hack you can use on your email to create filters for digital receipts- How to use your email for paper receipt scanning- And all the apps: Evernote, Freshbooks, Waves Receipts Scanner, Shoeboxed, and ExpensifyAsk us a question! We love hearing from you! Email us your financial worries or receipt victories at [email protected] or tweet us at @anomalily or @ohmydollarThis show is made paw-sible by listeners like you We absolutely love our Purrsonal Finance Society Members who…