4: Curl, libcurl and the future of the web, with Daniel Stenberg
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If you’re a sysadmin or a developer, you’ve probably used curl before. Or some kind of project, like PHP, Python, Ruby, … that uses libcurl. You can thank Daniel Stenberg, creator and maintainer of curl, for that. In this episode I talk to Daniel about the history of curl and libcurl, we discuss the web and open source, Google’s Quic, LibreSSL vs OpenSSL and so much more. If you’re interested in ‘the web’, this episode is for you! Shownotes Daniel is @bagder on Twitter Daniel’s blog is at daniel.haxx.se/blog Google’s QUIC Curl & wget & httpie LibreSSL & BoringSSL The “productive Japanese guy” is Tatsuhiro Tsujikawa: nghttp2.org & @tatsuhiro_t on twitter Feedback? Let me know via [email protected] or at @mattiasgeniar on Twitter.