Chris Chenoweth and John Sanders With CDYNE and CKS A Tale of Two Companies on Capital Club Radio
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Chris Chenoweth and John Sanders: “CDYNE and CKS: A Tale of Two Companies Please join Michael Flock as he speaks with Chris Chenoweth and John Sanders who discuss how they joined forces to create CDYNE Services, an innovative technology company providing services to the ARM industry, and CKS Financial, a leading middle market debt buying company. Chris Chenoweth, with over 20 years of experience developing and leading teams in the IT Call Center arena, serves as Chief Executive Officer of the company. He began his career in software development and has produced ground breaking technologies for CDYNE. Some of his proudest IT accomplishments include building an entire telecom solutions and call-center infrastructure with state of the art mass calling and messaging solutions. As Chief Operating Officer of CDYNE, John Sanders has focused on strategically analyzing operations and developing teams that exceed expectations. He currently manages operations, client services, acquisitions, sales, legal and compliance.…