CoFounders Podcast - Translating, Traveling and Journaling
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Andrew and Joy Gregory, CoFounders Diplomat Communications Brief Description of Product or Service: We provide translation and localization for all major languages. We are a B2B and B2C company. We are unique because of the technologies we use to provide high quality translation and localization. Show Topics: Our story is unique because Zhewei graduated from the first PhD program in Translation in the US. She is highly knowledgeable on the technologies available for translators and interpreters. Our mission is to empower people to communicate on a global scale. Web Site/Social Media: Twitter: @diplomatatl LinkedIn: Diplomat Translation Facebook: Diplomat Communication Kenya Jackson-Saulters, Founder The Outdoor Journal Tour Brief Description of Product or Service: We are the first Hybrid Health organization of our kind to merge outdoor activity with journaling and guided meditation to expedite the personal development of our participants. I’d like to talk about the changing face of mental health and how…