Pro Advocate Radio 10-12-15
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Pro Advocate Radio is a media broadcast of My Advocate Center featuring founder Deb Beacham and Co-host James O’Brien. On this episode: Jennifer Thomas - Executive Director of GCFV Jan Christiansen - Executive Director of GCADV Pro Advocate Radio gives a voice to advocates and families focused on serving the needs of children. The show calls attention to current issues and challenges facing families, advocates, educators, healthcare providers, veterans and law enforcement. Our Professional Spotlight features experts, professionals, legislators and other leaders who are driving solutions to these challenges. Deb Beacham, Founder and Director of My Advocate Center, Inc. and Co-Host / Sponsor of Pro Advocate Radio Read more about Deb’s background and experience here on Professionals, please connect on LinkedIn. Engage on Twitter @DebBeachamATL and @MyAdvocateCentr