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From Halloween to Jesusween and any Ween in between! We tell Halloween stories, play a new game, and share the best of worst parts of the holiday. (Episode 93) IN THIS PODCAST Host: Matt Coker & Megan “Mo” Oaks Guests: Megan Kelley & Deidra Coker [1:02] Game - Spanish Movie Trailers: We play popular movie trailers, the Spanish version, and try to guess what movie it’s from! [10:01] Back Talk - Part 1: We share our Halloween and Fall Festival memories from childhood up to today. [25:11] Segment - Define This: We try to guess what a list of “Baptist Monsters” really are. [35:05] Special Music: “My Broken Lullaby” by Stealing Scarlett, from their album, “Dreams and Deceptions”. You can find more from Stealing Scarlett on iTunes. [38:40] Segment - Hashtag Party: We share some #CrappyChristianHalloweenCostumes! [41:31] Back Talk - Part 2: Rapid fire Halloween questions about our favorite and least favorite parts of Ween time. PLEASE BUY OUR NEW BOOK! Please Don’t Sidehug Me: The Best of Back Row Baptist…