Ep. 5: Finding God in WrestleMania
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Did you know that “Stone Cold” Steve Austin has appeared in a TobyMac song? That’s right! In TobyMac’s first solo single, “Extreme Days”, you here the sample, “And that’s the bottom line”, part one of Stone Cold’s most famous catchphrases. There are a lot of Christians who love wrestling, which is no surprise, since some of the biggest names in the business have been Christians themselves! IN THIS PODCAST: Special Guests: John Birkey & Hillary Peltz Featured Music: “I Am Sure” by White Lantern Segment 1: Game Time - We play “Church Family Feud”, using answers from a poll taken by 100 of our readers. (This game is NOT for The Back Rowphy.) Segment 2: Special Offering - Matt and John read 1 Corinthians while Hillary yells out the names of WWE Wrestlers and Matt and John do their best impressions. Segment 3: Back Chat - We discuss which WWE Wrestlers (past and present) identify themselves as Christians, times that wrestling and faith have collided, and the oddity of having Christians in the top spots in the WWE.