Ep. 9: Porn-Again Christian
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Pornography addiction affects just as many Christians and it does non-Christians. The stats are pretty much identical. It is one of the most embarrassing sins, and certainly one that no one likes to talk about. Even most churches and Bible studies won’t breach the subject. Meanwhile 50% of the men in our churches (and 20% of the women) are using porn addictively. I was one of those men. But God has set me free — and he can do the same for you too. IN THIS PODCAST: Special Guests: None - It’s just Matt this week. Featured Music: “When I Broke” & “Child” by White Lantern Segment 1: Testimony - Matt shares his story of an addiction to pornography that spiraled out of control and nearly cost him everything. Segment 2: Ask Me Anything - Matt answers questions about his testimony and porn addiction that were submitted by listeners. Segment 3: Special Music - Matt shares a song that he wrote in prison (with a man named Robert Kuenzli).