What Music Can Christians Listen To?
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We discuss the current state of Christian music and whether Christians are only allowed to listen to Christian music. (Episode 84) IN THIS PODCAST Hosts: Matt Coker & Megan Oaks Guests: Deidra Coker & Megan Kelley [2:01] Game Time: Name That Jesus Jam [13:52] Back Talk: We discuss how much Christian/Secular music we listened to as teenagers as opposed to right now. We also talk about whether or not Christians should ONLY listen to Christian music or not. [31:13] Special Music: “Silence” by Constant Halo, from his album “On Fire”. You can find more from Constant Halo on iTunes. [36:42] Back Talk: We discuss what we think of the current state of Christian Music, then share our favoirte (possibly lesser known) Christian artists right now. BUY OUR NEW BOOK! Please Don’t Sidehug Me: The Best of Back Row Baptist https://www.amazon.com/Please-Dont-Sidehug-Me-Baptist/dp/1548370320 Would you help support our show for just $5 a month? http://www.patreon.com/BackRowOnline BACK ROW BAPTIST – Facebook:…