Back Row Brawl II
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November 13, 2017
Our second annual Back Row Brawl episode with nothing but games in a tournament for the Undisputed Back Row Championship Title Belt! (Episode 95) IN THIS PODCAST Host: Matt Coker Guests: Chris & Megan Oaks, Tyler & Megan Kelley, and Deidra Coker [1:40] Game - Joel Osteen or Fortune Cookie: In Round 1, Chris Oaks and Megan Kelley go head-to-head, deciding which of the phrases Matt picked are fortune cookie sayings or Osteen tweets. [7:11] Game - Church Family Feud: In Round 2, Deidra Coker and Tyler Kelley face off in the bell-ringin’, board-runnin’, head-scratchin’ game of surveys. [22:30] Game - Bible or Not: In the Championship Round, our winners from rounds 1 and 2 battle it out against Champion Megan Oaks in a battle of Biblical knowledge! PLEASE BUY OUR NEW BOOK! Please Don’t Sidehug Me: The Best of Back Row Baptist IMPORTANT LINKS! Facebook: Twitter: YouTube: Website: Support Us on…