Is Drinking a Sin?
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A teetotaler, a casual drinker, and a guy who tries to like alcohol but has the taste buds of a 10-year-old get together to discuss, debate, and deconstruct every point and counterpoint in the “Is Drinking a Sin?” debate. (Episode 121) IN THIS PODCAST Hosts: Matt Coker Guests: Megan “Mo” Oaks & Kevin Welborn ON TODAY’S SHOW -Game Time: “Alcohol Trivia!” – TITLE ON THE LINE! -PRANKED! -Discussion about drinking, if the Bible allows it for believers, when it is and isn’t appropriate, and a dissection of every argument for and against it. OUR SPONSOR: “THE BOY AND HIS CURSE” BY MICHAEL P. MORDENGA A Christian Fantasy Novel Buy the Book: Get it on Kindle: Follow on Facebook: JOIN BACK ROW BAPTIST CHURCH – OUR ONLINE COMMUNITY! All the news, jokes, and more! Twitter: Facebook:…