Christianese Translations
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September 4, 2017
Christians have their own language - and even WE don’t always know what we’re saying. But is this church culture vernacular keeping unbelievers from joining a church? (Episode 85) IN THIS PODCAST Hosts: Matt Coker & Megan Oaks Guests: Deidra Coker & Tyler Kelley [1:12] Game Time: Would You Rather [12:19] Hashtag Party: #ChristianeseTranslations [17:15] Back Talk: We talk about some of the “Christianese” phrases that are commonplace to Christians and if they make outsiders feel walled off from us? [22:08] Special Music: “Our God Is Love” by David R. Burleson, from his album “Children of Light”. You can find more from David R. Burleson on iTunes, Amazon, and NoiseTrade. [26:53] Back Talk: Matt lists some lesser known “Christianese” phrases from and see if the rest can guess what they mean. Finally, we discuss how we can make our culture more accessible through the words we say. BUY OUR NEW BOOK! Please Don’t Sidehug Me: The Best of Back Row Baptist…