Pew! Pew! Pew!
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Where do you like to sit in church? Where’s the worst place to sit? What does where you sit say about you and your faith? We examine all this and more in an episode that goes off the rails almost immediately. (Episode 91) IN THIS PODCAST Hosts: Matt Coker & Megan “Mo” Oaks Guest: Hillary Birkey & Chris Oaks [2:15] Game Time - What Is Real?!: Matt reads 5 Christian movie descriptions - some are real, some are made up. We try to guess which is which… and the title is ON THE LINE! [11:54] Back Talk - Part 1: We discuss where we sit, where we avoid, and why. [20:31] Special Music: “Steal My Pew (Parody of “Steal My Girl” by One Direction)” by @BackRowBaptist [24:33] Back Talk - Part 2: We discuss “back row baptists” specifically and a 2001 study that concluded that where you sit might actually reflect the state of your faith. PLEASE BUY OUR NEW BOOK! Please Don’t Sidehug Me: The Best of Back Row Baptist IMPORTANT LINKS! Facebook: Twitter:…