The Truth about Adoption
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We’re just a few days late for National Adoption Month, but adoptive parents Kevin and Cara Welborn want to share their story. They adopted this first daughter almost 7 years ago and hope to dispel fears, break misconceptions, and answer questions about adoption.(Episode 44) IN THIS PODCAST Host: Matt Coker Guests: Kevin Welborn & Cara Welborn Game Time - Adoption Trivia Time: Kevin and Cara face off on their knowledge of American Adoption Statistics (and we correct some misconceptions at the same time). Back Talk - Round 1: We discuss why they decided to adopt and the long process that leads to the building of a new family. Featured Music: “Found” by Leading Light, from the album “Heart” Back Talk - Round 2: We talk about the most memorable moments, fears and struggles, and what their daughter thinks about being adopted. Would you help support our show for just $5 (or more if you wish) a month? BACK ROW BAPTIST – Facebook: Twitter:…