Manipulative Worship
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Does music in a worship service manipulate people into thinking they are feeling the Spirit move or is it a genuine avenue by which the Spirit chooses to move? Or is it both? (Episode 123) IN THIS PODCAST Hosts: Matt Coker Guests: John Birkey & Joseph Brazil ON TODAY’S SHOW -Game Time: “Before & After Worship Songs” -Discussion about worship music and if the emotion it stirs up is good or bad. OUR SPONSOR: JUDGE NOT – A CHRISTIAN PARTY GAME A new card game perfect for your Christian friends sick of lame Bible Trivia! Check it out: JOIN BACK ROW BAPTIST CHURCH – OUR ONLINE COMMUNITY! All the news, jokes, and more! Twitter: Facebook: Instagram: YouTube: Reviews Us on iTunes: BACK ROW RADIO! 24/7 Free-Form Commercial-Free Online Radio! Back Row Radio: Thank you for all your support!