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We hope you’re saved, but are you OVER saved? Have you ever crossed the line from a Christian living their faith to a Christian who can’t function without going to extreme religious lengths? Boycotts! Legalism! Guilt trips! Oh My! (Episode 59) IN THIS PODCAST Hosts: Matt Coker and Megan “Mo” Oaks Guests: Samantha Martinez, Megan Kelley, & Jarin Smith Game Time - The Whisper Challenge Back Talk - Part 1: We tell stories of times we were “Over Saved”, as well as people in our lives who’ve exhibited the symptoms before. Is there a cure?? Featured Music: “Drifting Away” by ForgivenGlory feat. White Lantern Segment - Twitter Spotlight: We share several “I’m over saved because…” tweets from @BackRowBaptist Back Talk - Part 2: We return to the topic of being “Over Saved” and how it can easily turn into legalism, and we also discuss how to combat it in ourselves. Would you help support our show for just $5 (or more if you wish) a month? http://www.patreon.com/BackRowOnline BACK ROW BAPTIST – Facebook:…