The BRBP Black Friday Special
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November 24, 2016
We’ve gathered together to debate the merits of Black Friday, pitting Black Friday shoppers against Black Friday retail workers. We also have some bonus fun to help keep you entertained on this terriblest of all days. (Episode 42) IN THIS PODCAST Host: Matt Coker Guests: John Birkey, Deidra Coker, Cipraino Martinez, Samantha Martinez Back Talk - Round 1: We find out who among us shops on Black Friday and if it’s still as bad as we think it is. Segment - Special Music: John Birkey treats us to a “Black Friday” song set to a familiar tune. Segment - Hashtag Party: We share our favorite #BadThanksgivingPrayers tweets from you! Featured Music: “Shining Bright Star” by White Lantern, from the album “Star” Back Talk - Round 2: Since Black Friday isn’t going away, we need to put some rules on it. We discuss our dream “Black Friday Laws”. Would you help support our show for just $5 (or more if you wish) a month? BACK ROW BAPTIST – Facebook: Twitter:…