Celebrate Recovery Summit Special 2017
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Megan Oaks has returned from her first trip to the Celebrate Recovery Summit, a massive event for CR leaders, with workshops, concerts, testimonies, and lots more. She shares her experiences! (Episode 83) IN THIS PODCAST Hosts: Matt Coker & Megan Oaks [1:15] Game Time: Bible Or Not? [8:00] Back Talk: Megan shares with us some of her experiences from the Celebrate Recovery “Summit of Love” at Saddleback Church, what new initiatives CR is focusing on this year, and Rick Warren’s message. [19:47] Special Music: “How Beautiful the Blood” by Lionbrave, from his album “Royal Mountain”. You can find more from Andy Calvert on iTunes, Amazon, and Spotify. [23:45] Back Talk: We discuss some of the workshops that Megan attend at the Summit, special performances, and what she didn’t like about the Summit. She also shared some of her other experiences from the trip. Lastly, she shares her biggest takeaway from the Summit. [57:26] Segment - List: 20 Signs You Might Be in Celebrate Recovery Would you help support our show…