Summer Church Slump
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Church attendance always dips in the Summer, but you can only claim it’s because of “vacation” so many times, church! We also share the poorest excuses for church skipping excuses. (Episode 119) IN THIS PODCAST Hosts: Matt Coker & Megan “Mo” Oaks Guest: Hillary Birkey ON TODAY’S SHOW -Opening Discussion about “Summer Nanny” Hillary watching Mo’s kids -Game Time: “Church Kerfuffle” – WINNER CHOSEN BY TWITTER FANS! -Hashtag Party: #PoorExcusesForSkippingChurch -Discussion about Church Summer Slumps (among an array of other Summer topics) OUR SPONSOR: “THE BOY AND HIS CURSE” BY MICHAEL P. MORDENGA A Christian Fantasy Novel Buy the Book: Get it on Kindle: Follow on Facebook: JOIN BACK ROW BAPTIST CHURCH – OUR ONLINE COMMUNITY! All the news, jokes, and more! Twitter: Facebook:…