Cutting Room Resurrection IV
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We pick up the pieces of previous episodes that had to be cut for time but were too good to leave behind. (Episode 63) IN THIS PODCAST Hosts: Matt Coker Guests: Megan “Mo” Oaks, Megan Kelley, Samantha Martinez, Jarin Smith, and Back Row Brody [1:15] Segment - Back Row Recap [3:20] Segment - Brody Rants: 12 MORE Things That Are None of My Business [5:57] Featured Music: “Let There Be Light” by Lionbrave, from the album “Royal Mountain”. You can find more music form Lionbrave on iTunes, Amazon, and Spotify. [12:22] Back Talk - Over Saved: In this previously cut clip, we talk about church experiences in which we’ve seen more “over saved” situations. [17:32] Learn more about our ministry and how you can help support The Back Row. [22:32] An Unexpected Guest Would you help support our show for just $5 a month? BACK ROW BAPTIST – Facebook: Twitter: @backrowbaptist Website: Email: [email protected] Voicemail: 575-562-0005 If you…