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This is an episode from our older, long conversation format. We hope you enjoy it and please checkout our newer, more focused format. Lam’s low-tech challenge update Being present Keep your phone in your pocket Lam’s happy thirty challenge update The creative power of being bored Track yourself challenge How do you tell your story? Visages Villages (Faces Places) Finding the Honesty The power of questions Chad's Nightly Inventory - What did I learn? - What purchases I make? - What did I do for others? - What can I improve? - What am I grateful for? - What goals have I made progress on? - Need to know for tomorrow? Logo by Drew Roulette || Music by CRUELS Our Subreddit Support Us on PatreonLinks:084 | Nonline — The Minimalists PodcastThe Magnetic Fields - Andrew in Drag — Song ExploderNeil Gaiman | Where do you get your ideas?Faces Places (2017)