Archive: Into the Weeds
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This is an episode from our older, long conversation format. We hope you enjoy it and please checkout our newer, more focused format. Lam and Chad go deep this week. Lam has some tips for dealing with anxiety. Chad got an iPad Pro & shares his favorite creative apps before veering far off course into the subject of online privacy. It's a weird one folks. Let's get weird. Support us on Patreon Logo by Drew Roulette || Theme song by CRUELS Rate us on iTunes Join our SubredditLinks:Bluebird Botanicals | CBD Hemp OilIf you suffer from IBS you need to give CBD oil a try!A Primer About Cannabidiol And The Benefits Of CBDBack to Work #321: Need Some VelocityBack to Work #322: The Passive Voice of WaterKelly McGonigal: How to make stress your friend | TED TalkWelcome to Microsoft To-DoWeDoTodoistEvernoteNotabilityDueBear NotesDEVONthinkDaring Fireball: Markdown Syntax DocumentationWorkflowSave to PDF WorkflowNote to Self PodcastDaring Fireball: On Uber’s ‘Identifying and Tagging’ of Service Faces…