27: The Power of Boredom
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Passivity communicates lack of care 
Not instantly knowing the answers leads to wonder Learning to be ok with boredom Questions your choice of reality Are you being truly productive or fooling yourself Give yourself time It’s ok to talk to yourself Ask yourself the right questions The two voice inside Belief of impossibility is actually fear of failure The cost of bravery Don’t "should" yourself Ask others what they truly think of you The prompt for this month’s creative challenge is: Light Thanks to those who have so far taken part in the creative challenge! Here’s a link to share this episode and to leave comments or questions https://randombadassery.fireside.fm/27 Logo by Drew Roulette || Music by CRUELS Join Our Subreddit || Support Us on PatreonLinks:The scientific link between boredom and creativityFully Present: The Science, Art, and Practice of Mindfulness