25 - Skulls & Roses
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SHOW NOTES & LINKS Aimee gives mention to the folks of The 13th Cookie who make the best baked goods in Portland. J-lo talking about his love for Hearthstones new expansion “Whisper of the Old Gods” and the new deck builder mechanic at Hearthpwn.com - It’s perfect for managing and creating new decks. Arcadia Hearthstone events every other week at the bar. Check out the calendar! The bars website is up and running with the podcast link ArcadiaPortland.com Other notable events coming soon at the bar: Jackie Chan Film Fest, Dive Kick tourney with a $150 grand prize sponsored by the makers of the game. Keyflower comp series (A meeple betting and worker management strategy game) Rocket Leauge tourney Hosted by Maine Competitive Gaming Extreme Rules, WWE Pay-per-view The gang agrees that the graphic work on this pay-per-view is very MSpaint circa ‘06 and Sarah shares her Rick Flair hate as they discuss a very particular episode from Camp WWE The gang is particularly excited for the Intercontinental Championship…