56: WWDC 2017 - Inside the Apple Podcast Studio with Meghan Kane, Leah Culver, and Yariv Nissim
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I was at WWDC this year. It was my first dub dub ever. This episode was recorded inside the Apple Podcast Studio at dub dub inside the McEnery Convention Center in San Jose. This was the first time Apple did something like this where they provided a space and technical support for podcasters to record an episode. I’m so honored to have experienced this and really excited to share it with you. For this episode, I wanted to take advantage of this unique opportunity as much as possible, so I filled the room with as many guests as I could and just fed off the energy and exictement of the week. Guests: Meghan Kane - https://twitter.com/meghafon Leah Culver - https://twitter.com/leahculver Yariv Nissim - https://twitter.com/yar1vn Links: Apple Podcast Studio WWDC AltConf Core ML The New App Store Swift 4 Breaker Podcast App Listen on iTunes. Support this podcast via Patreon. Questions, comments, or you just wanna say Hi? Contact your host @garricn on Twitter. This episode was recorded using the Cast platform by…