Ep. 147. State of the Union 2
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Sam welcomes us into the Fintech Insider flat, our temporary base while we explored this year's Sibos conference, hosted by SWIFT. He's joined by some fantastic guests - Mike Sigal from 500 FinTechs (part of 500 Startups), Dion Lisle from CapGemini, Jo Lang from IBM, and April Rudin from The Rudin Group - to talk about the state of Canadian fintech. First, the guys talk about the conference circuit and discuss their standout experiences of Sibos, including Sam's interview with Brad Garlinghouse, CEO at Ripple. We hear how Innotribe started out, and how it's evolved since then. Plus, which topics pulled the biggest crowds; how did distributed ledger technology (DLT) fare at Sibos; and why describing yourself as "the Uber of…" might just make you a moron! Are the prices in the payments industry on a race to zero? And why might banks be struggling to bank fintechs? We also hear why some fintech Blockchain "experts" might be talking, um, nonsense, and what might have been the secret to Stripe's success? And it's…