Ep. 197. News: Clickbait
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Laura and David take a look at the last week’s biggest stories, alongside Jeff Tijssen, Monzo’s Leah Templeman and Bud’s Ed Masleveckas. Kicking off with a few announcements from some big banks - Deutsche Bank claims the bank account could be a thing of the past in less than 20 years time, which sounds contravertial but in the same speech it appears he’s only just realised banking is ready for disruption. In a similar vein, Citigroup annouce their big banking comeback… with a mobile app. Moving onto the UK banking and fintech scene, TSB have announced the arrival of their marketplace - making them the first of the high street banks to offer such a thing. Ross Gallagher caught up with TSB’s Commercial Director, Richard Davies to find out more. Next up, Leah talks us through Monzo’s integration of Yolt and also helps us dissect Monzo’s diversity report - David is most impressed with their “sexy” graphs. We also talk about Revolut’s virtual disposable cards - and the sheer rate at which Revolut are rolling out…