Ep. 125. News: Are you bad when you’re big?
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In another packed episode we have a full house of hosts as David, Jason and Simon are joined by global fintech commentator and Girl, Disrupted, Liz Lumley; Editor-in-Chief of Fintech Finance, Ali Paterson; and Capco's Principal Consultant, Charlie Wood. The team discuss WhatsApp adding payment features; First Direct coming consistently top of a customer service poll, and the bigger banks always come last - we discuss if there's a correlation between the size of the bank and their market share and the poor quality of customer service? (are you bad when you're big?); and most topically, what responsibility does PayPal have over KKK donations via their service? And how do you find a middle ground between censoring free speech and social responsibility? They also take on start up shopping; retraining and up-skilling versus job cutting; pocket money startups; and turning trash into tokens in Amsterdam. We also have an interview with James Lloyd, Asia-Pacific Fintech Leader at EY, all about the Chinese fintech and…