Ep. 167. Insights: A Wealth of Disruption - How Wealth Management is Changing
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In the first of our three-part series on investments, Simon Taylor is joined by special guests Joe Parkin, Gemma Godfrey, Phil Smith, Olivia Vinden & Gareth Johnson. We kicked things off by asking our panel what IS wealth management? How does it differ from asset management and what does the future of the industry look like? Our guests have a wealth of experience (pun intended) in this industry, and tried to dissect the role of the wealth manager and how technological evolutions will transform this space. We discuss whether or not digitisation of the role would to some extent mitigate the human element behind wealth management, and how exactly this will alter the customer relationship. DLT, Machine learning and AI are all buzzwords, but how could these growing areas of innovation change wealth management? How will data, in tandem with these technologies successfully make wealth management for more accessible to the consumer? The panel discuss how these areas could benefit the industry, offering some very…