Ep. 186. News: Fist bumps over the Atlantic
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February 26, 2018
We kicked off the show with a double whammy of Starling stories. Luckily we had Megan Caywood to tell us more. Firstly this one in CityAM announcing Starling's 4 new partners in their marketplace: Pensionbee, Wealthsimple, Habito and Kasko. Next we move onto Starling’s Settle Up feature which Megan explains as “A really easy way to make payments between friends”. Ross said he struggled to find the use case for this at first but now he properly gets it, and its design is excellent “I struggled at first to see this as a use case… but it’s awesome and design-wise it’s really nice”. Moving on from Starling to their biggest rival, the team discuss this story from City AM - regarding Monzo's partnership with Moneybox via open banking APIs, which allows Monzo users to invest their cash by rounding up purchases to the nearest pound. From Monzo to Revolut, and ss with seemingly every Revolut CEO interview, this interview in the FT got a lot of people talking on Fintech Insider News, our forum for discussion of the…