Ep. 268. News: It’s raining money in Durham
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In this episode We have a whole host of hosts as David, Jason, Simon and Aden are joined by Mariano Belinky and Jamie Campbell for the news. This week in a European-led section of the show the team discuss Swedish giant Klarna getting it’s official banking licence to begin delivering financial services, Spain’s first fully digital bank, European “robo advice”, and the European Central Bank demanding declaration of all cyber security breaches. It’s raining money in Durham as Atom gets a further £30 million investment from the government, and why did Will.i.am became an advisor to Atom – and does it work? Additionally, they also take on the Barclays execs’ fraud charges during the financial crisis in 2008, ahead of their hearing next week; and an equally political story on the other side of the pond: Elizabeth Warren’s attempts to remove 12 Wells Fargo board members. Finally, the guys also discuss whether PayPal are right to dismiss the Apple Pay challenge; and the impact of two thirds of the world’s…